Plenary Lecture


 Chen,Wang-Chuan  Ph.D.


President of Taiwan Chapter of the ISOM President of NUCMDA, R.O.C.

Date  11/25

Frontier Research of TCM-based Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment



Lin,Jaung-Geng  Ph.D.



  1. Bachelor’s degree: School of Chinese Medicine, China Medical College (1966-1973)
  2. Master’s degree: Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical College (1978-1982)
  3. Doctoral degree: Institute of Chinese Medical Science, China Medical College (1988-1991)


  1. Medical Doctor at Taipei Veterans General Hospital (1977-1980)
  2. Director, Acupuncture Research Center of China Medicine University (1985-99), Associate Professor (1988-92), Professor (1992-2013), Chair Professor (2013-present)
  3. Chairperson of the Institute of China Medical Science (1993-95)
  4. Associate Professor (1992-93), Professor (1997-2014), Institute of Traditional Medicine, National Yang-Ming University
  5. Professor, National Taiwan University (1998-99)
  6. Visiting Professor,The National Victoria University, Australia (1997-present)
  7. Visiting Professor, Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (1989-present)
  8. Visiting Professor, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China (2007-10, 2011-14)
Date  11/25
Title  The use of acupuncture in emergency medicine
  Speaker  崔赫鏞  CHOI HYUG-YONG 會長

2018-01~現在 大韓韓醫師協會  會長

2001~2017.02 71間體系診所 (含笑兒)小兒專門診所     社長

2003~2017.02 含笑兒製藥公司  社長

2017.03~2018.01    太平洋律師事務所        負責人

2012.08~現在 大韓品牌醫院協會      副會長

2012.08~現在 慶熙大學      講師

Date  11/25
Title  The necessity of integrated medicine and integrated-care physicians for the proper application of traditional medicine in acute and critical care
  Speaker  元雄良治 Yoshiharu Motoo,  Ph.D.

Yoshiharu Motoo is Professor of Medical Oncology, Kanazawa Medical University. He was graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University School of Medicine in 1980. He finished his residency at Kanazawa University Hospital from 1980 to 1983. He was engaged in interferon and oncogene research at the Wadley Institutes of Molecular Medicine in Dallas, Texas, USA from 1984 to 1986. Prof. Motoo worked as Assistant Professor and Associated Professor of Medicine at the Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Research Institute, Kanazawa University from 1988 to 2005. He became Professor and Chair at Department of Medical Oncology, Kanazawa Medical University in 2005. Professor Motoo is Vice President of ISOM and Director of ISOM Japan Chapter since January 2017, and also Vice President of International Society for Japanese Kampo Medicine (ISJKM) since May 2017. He is a member of Editorial Board of European Journal of Integrative Medicine, Journal of Integrative Medicine, and several other journals. Professor Motoo is a Fellow of American College of Physicians (FACP), and a councilor of Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, Japanese Society of Gastroenterology, Japanese Society of Medical Oncology, and Japanese Asssociation of Supportive Care in Cancer.

Date  11/25
Title  Role of Kampo Medicine in Supportive Care for Cancer Patients

 Special Invited Lecture 

  Speaker   Yi-Tsau Huang (黃怡超) Ph.D

1.Director General (April 2014 onwards) of Department of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan.

2.Director of National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, then of Ministry of Education (2009-2013), later of Ministry of Health and Welfare (2013- Jan. 2016), Taiwan.

3.Adjunct Professor (2011 onwards) in Institute of Traditional Medicine, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan.

4.Professor (1997-2011) in Institute of Traditional Medicine, School of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Date  11/25
Title The Role and Policy of Traditional Medicine in Acute and Critical Care in Taiwan
  Speaker  李應世  Lee Eung-Se 院長
Introduction  2017-11~現在     韓藥振興財團        院長

1988.08~1991.08    韓國體育科學研究院 運動生理學      研究員

1995.03~2017.07    尚志大學 韓醫復健醫學      教授

1995.05~1997.04    尚志大學 附設韓方醫院      副院長

1998.04~2005.06    大韓韓醫師協會    副會長

2003.01~2005.12    保健福祉部 保健醫療政策委員會      委員

2013.11~2017.11    國際東洋醫學會    事務總長

2014.01~2015.12    韓國韓醫學研究院 專門委員會  委員

2014.04~2017.11    俄亞運動醫學中心        院長

2017.01~2017.11    俄羅斯 太平洋國立醫科大學      教授

Date  11/25
Title  在治療癌重症病患,政府公家機構應扮演的角色
Convergence Research among National Research Institutions in Korea to Conquer Cancer

Keynote Lecture  

  Speaker  Dr. Kim Jongyeol
Introduction  Dr Kim is currently the President of Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM). He is also a professor of Korean Medicine Life Science, University of Science and Technology (UST), Korea. Dr Kim is a Korean Medicine Doctor specialized in Sasang Constitutional Medicine (SCM) and medical instruments. During the past 20 years, he has been a key member of the Society of Sasang Constitutional Medicine. His research interests include integrative medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and systems medicine.
Date  11/25
Title  A Strategy of Integrative Cancer Treatment combining Eastern and Western Medicine
  Speaker  Ka-Kit Hui, MD, FACP
Introduction  Ka-Kit Hui, M.D., F.A.C.P. is the Wallis Annenberg Professor in Integrative East-West Medicine and Professor and Director of the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine at the Department of Medicine of the David Geffen School of Medicine. He is also the Chair of the Collaborative Centers of Integrative Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Hui, a Fellow of the American College of Physicians, is an internationally acclaimed scholar and board-certified in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, with an expertise in Geriatrics. He is a recognized authority on Chinese Medicine and integrative medicine, and is bilingual in Chinese and English. Dr. Hui founded the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine in 1993, which is one of the first integrative medicine centers in the United States. He has developed a model system of comprehensive care that is a patient-centered, problem-solving approach emphasizing health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, and is safe, effective, affordable and accessible to all. The Center’s clinical program receives referrals from more than 500 physicians within UCLA for refractory problems, including many pain conditions, and continues to expand to meet the demand for a holistic patient care model within UCLA. Dr. Hui understands the importance of disseminating the Center’s innovative healthcare model so that more people can benefit from it. The Center’s extensive education programs offer fellowships, rotations, classes, workshops, conferences and events to physicians, medical residents, health professionals, medical and non-medical students, and community members throughout the year.
Date  11/25
Title  Chinese Medicine has an important role to play even in Acute and Critical Care settings : What and How
  Speaker  Choi Seung-hoon KMD, PhD
Introduction  Choi Seung-hoon KMD, PhD, professor and former Vice-president at Dankook University was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Professor Choi graduated from Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical College and received his PhD in the department of Oriental Medicine Pathology at the same school.  He also completed the requirement for Korean University’s Chinese Philosophy Master Program.  He served as a visiting professor as both Taiwan’s China Medical College (1989) and Taiwan’s National Science Committee (1990). Additionally, Professor Choi was invited to be a guest professor at Guang An Men Hospital’s cancer department in Beijing by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, P.R.C. (1993) and a visiting scholar at Stanford University Medical Center (2001).

In August 2003, Professor Choi moved to the World Health Organization and worked as a Regional Adviser in the traditional medicine program, Western Pacific Regional Office for five years. His main mission in the WHO was promoting the standardization of traditional medicine with evidence-based approaches.

Back to Kyung Hee University, he worked as Dean of the Oriental Medical College (2008) and was appointed to serve as the President of Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) (2011) for three years. 

In September 2014, he resigned from Kyung Hee University and moved to Dankook University for promoting the integrative medicine.
Date  11/25
Title  WHO IST, ICTM and ICD-11
  Speaker  Chun-Su Yuan, M.D., Ph.D.
Introduction  Dr. Yuan is the Cyrus Tang Professor in the Pritzker School of Medicine and the Director of the Tang Center for Herbal Medicine Research, University of Chicago. Dr. Yuan came to the U.S. from Shanghai, China in 1980 to enter a Ph.D. program at the University of Arizona. In 1983, he passed the medical board exams for foreign physicians and started his medical practice in the U.S. Since 1994, Dr. Yuan has been working at the University of Chicago, especially on the clinical development of methylnaltrexone (MNTX). The University of Chicago licensed MTNX to the pharmaceutical industry in 2001. In 2008, the U.S. FDA approved methylnaltrexone (Relistor®) subcutaneous injection for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation in advanced illness patients. In 2014, the FDA approved the Relistor subcutaneous injection for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation in patients with chronic non-cancer pain. In 2016, the FDA approved the Relistor oral tablets for the treatment of opioid-induced constipation in adults with chronic non-cancer pain. By 2017, this drug was approved for use in over 60 countries worldwide. Dr. Yuan also serves as an advisor and consultant for government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and law firms. With a deep interest in Oriental medicine research, Dr. Yuan has published over 300 articles. In addition, Dr. Yuan has been serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Chinese Medicine, the oldest complementary and integrative medicine journal in the U.S.
Date  11/25
Title  Using Traditional Chinese Medicine in Urgent and Critical Care
  Speaker  Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang, Ph.D.      

 Dr. Shie-Ming Hwang is a Ph.D. chemist, inventor, and entrepreneur.  He is also a Grandmaster of Taiji and Kungfu.  He has practiced Taiji and Kungfu for 64 years and taught for 50 years.

He was the founder of the Chinese Martial Arts Center since 1976.  He and his senior students conducted two studies on Taiji Chuan for Rehabilitation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients in Rockford, Illinois in 1986 and 1987.  The results were published in American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 70 (3), 136-141, 1991.

In science, Dr. Hwang specializes in new drug discovery, analytical method development and testing, and biotechnology.  He has discovered with others a number of bioactive substances with antiviral, antibacterial, and immune modulation properties.  He holds eight patents on pharmaceutical and nutritional compositions, applications, preparations, stabilizations, and delivery, and has seven publications and numerous presentations.

He graduated in 1970 with B.S. degree in chemistry from National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan.  He got his Ph.D. degree in chemistry in 1977 from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  He worked for WARF, Inc. (later Raltech/Hazleton) in Madison, Wisconsin from 1976 to 1980.  Where, he did new drug discovery and contract research and testing.  He then changed to Ross Laboratories/Abbott Nutrition Division in Columbus, Ohio from 1980 to 1996.  Where, he did new method development, analytical testing, products physical stability, and new drug discovery.

He left Ross in 1996 and has headed Sage R&D since then.  Sage R&D is a biotech company, located in Columbus Ohio, doing medical research focusing on new drug discovery for devastating diseases, such as chronic hepatitis C/B, HIV/AIDS, and cancer.  It focuses on new drug discovery from medicinal plants and Chinese herbal medicines with known therapeutic properties.  It has marketed two herbal products as dietary supplement and plans to submit two new patents in immune modulation/oncology.

Date  11/25
Title  Practicing Taiji for Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation
  Speaker  Gerhard Litscher, Univ.-Prof. MSc PhD MDsc.
Introduction Gerhard Litscher, Univ.-Prof. MSc PhD MDsc, is a doctor of technical sciences and a doctor of medical sciences and published about 700 scientific papers (>220 SCI/PubMed-listed). He is author and/or editor of 14 books and editor-in-chief and/or member of the editorial board in more than 35 international journals, (eg. editor-in-chief of the Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine (IJAM), associate editor for Europe for Medical Acupuncture, associate editor of the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies (JAMS), one of the editors, multiple guest editor and lead guest editor of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM), associate editor of BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, editor-in-chief and founding editor of Medicines, editor-in-chief of Integrative Medicines International and editor-in-chief of the World Journal of Methodology. He is President of ISLA-transcontinental (International Society for Medical Laser Applications) for Science and Research since August 2012 and German Vice-President of the German-Chinese Research Foundation for TCM (DCFG-TCM), since October 2014. Prof. Litscher is member of the World Health Organization's (WHO) expert board for 'Practice in Acupuncture' and related fields and currently guest/honorary professor at 11 top universities and institutions in Asia. His main interests are High-Tech Acupuncture, Laser Technology, Neuromonitoring, and Evidence-Based Innovative and Traditional Medicine (
Date  11/25
Title  High-Tech Acupuncture – Research in Anesthesia and Intensive Care
  Speaker  Tetsuya Arai Ph.D.

June 2004 Joined KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Research & Development Dept. Manager

Date  11/25
Title The market and management of OTC kampo utilization by patients after Critical care in Japan
  Speaker   Ciro Isidoro Ph.D.
Introduction Education: 1983 – Laurea Summa cum Laude - Doctor in Biological Sciences (D.Sc.), Università di Torino (Italy);

1999 - Laurea Summa cum Laude - Doctor in Medicine and Surgery (M.D.), Università del Piemonte Orientale (Novara, Italy);

2000 – National License for Board of Medical Doctors and Surgeons.

Representative Careers and affiliations:

1986-1989 PhD fellow-Assistant Researcher at the Institut fuer Pathobiochemie, Westfaelish Wilhems Universitaet Muenster (Germany)

1993-1999 Assistant Professor of General Pathology, University of Turin (Italy)

2000-2018: Associate Professor of Cell Pathology and of Experimental Oncology, School of Medicine, Università del Piemonte Orientale (Novara, Italy).

2005 to date: overseas advisor of PhD students at Mahidol University, at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok; at Khon Kaen University (Thailand)

2013 to date: Visiting Professor, Siriraj Faculty of Medicine, Mahidol University ofBangkok (Thailand).

2016 to date: Visiting Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Oklahoma University Health Science Center (OKC, US).

2017-2018: Qualified Full Professor of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology; Full Professor of Medical Oncology; Full Professor of General Pathology and Clinical Pathology.  

Representative Awards:

2014: Professor Honoris Causa Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, Université de la Franche-Comté of Besançon(France).

2015: Executive Vice-President of the International Association of Traditional and

Complementary Medicine.
Date  11/25

Herbal medicine for critical care: understanding the molecular mechanisms

  Speaker  Young-Joon Surh Ph.D.
Introduction  Professor Young-Joon Surh currently serves as Director of Tumor Microenvironment Research Center, Seoul National University. Prof. Surh graduated from College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University with BS and MS. He earned a PhD degree at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and had postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). From 1992 to 1995, Prof. Surh was appointed as a tenure-track Assistant Professor at Yale University School of Medicine. Since relocation to Seoul National University in 1996, Dr. Surh has been investigating the molecular mechanisms of cancer prevention with anti-inflammatory and antioxidative phytochemicals, with emphasis on intracellular signaling molecules as prime targets. He is currently the Associate Editor of Molecular Carcinogenesis, Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology, Free Radical Research, and Frontiers in Oncology, and Editorial Board member of Journal of Toxicological Sciences, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Letters, Cancer Prevention Research, Life Sciences, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, Food & Chemical Toxicology, and Precision Oncology published by Nature Publishing Group. Prof. Surh has published more than 300 papers and about 70 invited editorials, reviews and book chapters. The total number of citations of his publications is more than 18,000 (excluding self-citations). Prof. Surh currently serves as President of Asia Pacific Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organization and President-Elect of Korean Society of Molecular and Cellular Biology.
Date  11/25
Title Bioactive Natural Products in Herbs and Spice with Cancer Therapeutic and Preventive properties
  Speaker  Lee Hyejung Ph.D.
Introduction Major Activities

1987-present   Professor, College of Korean Medicine, Kyung Hee University

2006-present   Fellow, The Korean Academy of Science and Technology

2008-present   Guest Professor, China Medical University, Taiwan

2005-2014       Director, Acupuncture & Meridian Science Research Center

2013-2014       Director, Korean Medicine Convergence Research Information Center

2014-2017       President, Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM)

Honors and Awards

2005                Health and Welfare Minister’s Award, Korea Health Industry Development Institute

2008                Distinguished Alumni Award, China Medical University, Taiwan

2009 - 2012  Kyung Hee Fellow, Kyung Hee University, Korea

2014                Achievement Award, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Korea

Research Interests

Effectiveness and mechanism of acupuncture and pharmacopuncture therapy in brain disease animal models
Date  11/25
Title The clinical applications of acupuncture research in Parkinson's disease
  Speaker  Dr. Qihe Xu 
Introduction Dr. Qihe Xu is a tenured faculty member at King’s College London, University of London, UK. He is Co-founder of King’s Centre for Integrative Chinese Medicine, Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer in Renal Medicine, BSc Pharmacology Admissions Tutor, Convener of MSc/MRes Pharmacology Projects, and supervises research projects at BSc, MBBS, MSc/MRes, PhD and postdoctoral levels.

As a principal investigator, Dr Xu’s research has focused on roles for vitamin A derivatives and herbal products in the prevention of acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease and renal fibrosis. Particularly dedicated to good practice, international collaboration and applications of omics technology, his work has been funded by EU and UK governments, Royal Society, Kidney Research UK and British Heart Foundation. In 2009-2012, he chaired the steering committee of the FP7 Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research in the Post-genomic Era project and led the founding the Good Practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Association, to which he was Vice President in 2012-2014 and is currently the Newsletter Editor-in-chief and an elected Member of Board of Directors.

Dr. Xu earned his MBBS, MD and PhD from Xinxiang Medical University, Peking University Health Science Centre and the General Hospital of the Chinese PLA, respectively. He was an awardee of a meritorious medal from the Chinese PLA, a national award for scientific & technological advances in China, a scholarship and a fellowship from the International Society of Nephrology and a Courtesy Associate Fellowship of the US National Institutes of Health. Other experiences included Secretary-General, Chinese Students & Scholars Association in the UK, President of the Chinese Life Scientists Society in the UK and Founder Vice-President of the Academy of Life Sciences for Chinese in the UK. His hobbies include table tennis and he is co-founder and Standing Vice-President of the UK Chinese (Ying-Hua) Table Tennis Club.

Date  11/25
Title Herbal Medicines for Acute Kidney Injury: Evidence, Gaps and Frontier 
 Continuous update Speaker  Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, MPH      

Senior Asociate in Anestheisa and Pain Medicine

Boston Children’s Hospital Associate Professor of Anaesthesia and Pediatrics Harvard Medical School​

Date  11/25
Title  Integrating Acupuncture in Pediatric Acute Care and Perioperative Services
  Speaker  Shen Ping Liang, Ph.D., L.Ac.
Introduction Dr. Shen Ping Liang is a licensed acupuncturist in Texas with
over 30 years of clinical experience. He is the Chancellor of the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Houston, Texas, and has been the Executive Committee Member of Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) since 1999. He is currently the Co-Chairman of CCAOM Clean Needle Technique Committee, the Integrated Medicine Coordinating Council Member of Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, Houston, and the Member of the System Complementary Care Committee at Memorial Hermann Healthcare System. He is also the former President of the Texas Acupuncture Association, former member of the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners, former Vice-President of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and former Harris County Rayan White Planning Council Member (Special Care for AIDS & Heptitis). In 1995, he was named the Acupuncturist of the Year and in 2004, he was awarded the Educator of the Year, both by the American Association of Oriental Medicine. Currently, he is serving as the Vice Chair of AAOM Chinese Advisory Council, External Committee Member of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (CIMER), and the Vice Chair of the National Federation of Chinese TCM Organizations.
Date  11/25
Title Acupuncture Philosophy and Integrative Medical Care in Critical Cases 
  Speaker  Masayuki Kashima M.D.
Introduction  Graduated from the Miyazaki college of medicine Japan, in 2002 The general medicine residency program of Kumamoto school of medicine from 2002 to 2004 Fellowship of general internal medicine of Okinawa central Hospital in 2004 Fellowship of emergency medicine of Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital from 2005 to 2006 Fellowship of Infectious disease medicine of Kameda Medical Center, Chiba, Japan in 2007 Staff of Internal medicine of Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital from 2008 Member of the board of trustee of Japanese chapter of International Society of Oriental Medicine from 2010 Present post from 2013 Member of the delegation of The Japanese Primary Care Association from 2014 Member of the board of Kampo medical Specialist of Japanese Society of Oriental Medicine from 2015 Member of the board of the Specialist of General Internal Medicine of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine form 2016 Member of the board of medical instructors of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine form 2017 Member of the board of medical instructors of The Japanese Primary Care Association from 2017
Date  11/25
Title The Kampo therapeutics combined the western medicine to acute and refractory diseases
for beyond the limits of westrn medicine and tradition.









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