About ICOM  

        The International Congress of Oriental Medicine(ICOM) is convened every two year and one of the most important activities of the International Society of Oriental Medicine(ISOM). The ICOM presents and discusses distinguished research findings on the oriental medicine.

It has contributed to the enhancement of the oriental medicine as a global medical science. The first congress was held in Seoul, Korea in 1976 and 16th in Seoul, Korea in 2012, which many scholars, traditional medicine partitioners and governmental officials from 45 countries attend.





Dr. Jaung Geng Lin

Vice president

Dr. Hyug Yong Choi

Dr. Yoshiharu Motoo

Dr. Wang Chuan Chen

Secretary General

Dr. Eung-Se Lee

Vice Secretary General

Dr. Jong-An Lee

Dr. Chun Chuan Shih

Dr. Toshiaki Makino


Dr. Hiromichi Yasui

Dr. Zuimei Miyazaki

Dr. Shuji Ohno

Dr. Makoto Yoshitomi

Dr. Hitoshi Yamashita 

Dr. Gun-Dae Bang

Dr. Chen-Kuo Shi

Dr. Seong-Gyu Ko

Dr. Joon-Seok Byun

Dr. In-Tae Kim

Dr. Yi-Tsau Huang

Dr. Jing-Ming Chen

Dr. I-Hsin Lin

Dr. Chao-Tsung Chen

Dr. Ching Chiung Wang

Dr. Flowers James

Dr. Mitiades Karavis

Dr. Ponomarev Yury

Mr. Chan, Y.L.,Abraham